Calling You Deeper?

Calling You Deeper?

Today, while listening to youtube worship and preaching, the Lord impressed on me an old word that’s a now word as well.

Ezekiel 47 – The River

The measuring rod of God. Go deeper. Pursue Him. If He doesn’t knock you off your feet sometimes you have to lay down. Going deeper is what this season is about. I may have been touched in Toronto, I may have been touched in Pensecola, I may have been touched at Light the Fire Again. I have been to conference after conference but it is not enough. He is calling us to go deeper. Why?

Because where you have been before is not going to get you to where you need to go. Where you need to go is a lot further out and lot deeper than you have ever been before.

Come on go deeper. Come on go higher. We were made for the river of God. We were made for the presence. We were made for the glory.

Don’t think I’m in the river. I’m flowing. Don’t judge follow the Lord. He is measuring off 1000 cubits and asking you to come on out deeper. Keep going with Him don’t say I have enough. Don’t say I am flowing. Don’t say I have been there done that go deeper get face down in the river.

When all the streams flow as one river to wash away our brokenness.

Stir yourself up to seek the Lord.

Go deeper into the River of love flowing from the throne. The love of God is being poured out right now into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to us(Rom 5:5). Love flowing down from the throne into our hearts. A river of fire. A river of anointing oil. The thick sap from the Vine to nourish His children.