Holy Spirit Encounters – with Dewald and Carmen

Holy Spirit Encounters – with Dewald and Carmen

Dewald and Carmen Viljeon – Coming to TVF

Mark your calendars, our friends Dewald and Carmen Viljeon formerly from South Africa who now live in Houston will be with us. They will be coming to Trinity Vineyard Fellowship July 8th for the 10 am service. Dewald will lead worship and he and Carmen will share about what God is doing in their life and ministry. Do not be late. Don’t show up just for the preaching you miss out on a powerful time of worship and encounter.

I spoke with Dewald recently he said, “The conference they went to in Moravian Falls was off the charts. Holy Spirit encounters and fresh oil flowed in abundance. He believes when they come to visit us that it is an appointed time to encounter God.” He senses this meeting is a God-ordained time of encounter and blessing. Make sure not to miss this meeting.

Invite anyone you know that needs a touch of God or who is hungry for the supernatural power of God to break in. I know the river will flow. He told me some wonderful stories about all God is doing in their life right now. Signs and wonders and the manifest presence of God. As we shared on the phone about what God is doing in their lives and what God is doing at Trinity Vineyard, we could sense His manifest presence flowing. Come and be ready to receive more!

Dewald is a worship leader and revivalist. Carmen is a prophetic intercessor and they both move prophetically as the Lord directs. Come and expect an encounter with God. During Intercessory prayer at TVF, we sometimes use Dewald’s CD Rain for intercession music.

Pray that God will pour out His Spirit and that we would receive fresh oil from heaven. Father send Your glory!