Glory Cloud

Yesterday was another great day. The manifest presence of the Lord continues come among us.

Every week has been different yet powerful. Yesterday was Pentecost and we had another powerful visitation. As we finished worship I asked if any had received a word during worship to share with the fellowship.

We had several folks share words of encouragement for the fellowship. Words about favor, entering into the promised land, provision, healing.

As we continued to pray into the words and share the Glory of God continued to increase. It became hard to stand. The Glory of God was heavy upon us. Several commented they could see a cloud or shiny fog in upfront surrounding us. Some shared how the presence of God was so bright it was hard to keep eyes open. Too me it looked like a shiny fog with between me and the congregation during this time. I felt drunk in the Spirit. Several received joy. Not the overwhelming kind of laughter but a refreshing joy and laughter. Some mentioned they felt the presence of God like a think honey pouring onto them.

All in all the Glory of God, the atmosphere of heaven, was among us and we received refreshing and strength from the Lord.

Ministry time after service the presence of God increased again and people were touched in powerful ways.

Keep pressing in for More. Receive from the Lord with thankfulness. Praise Him for all He is doing among us. As we thank Him for His presence, for His Spirit, we will see His presence increase among us.

Ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers in the fields for they are white ready for harvest. I believe we received a harvest anointing yesterday.