Holy Spirit Encounters!

Holy Spirit Encounters!

Wow, service at Trinity Vineyard yesterday(4-29-18) was so good. The presence of God was thick. We experienced the fire of God’s Glory. There was fire on the altar. Fuego! Multiple people were dramatically and powerfully touched by God. People were weeping, laughing, sitting in silence, falling to floor, shaking under the power of God, seeing visions, hearing revelations and that’s just some of what was happening. Some people told me they were still feeling the fire and shaking well after the meeting. Even a day later they feel the Spirit.

So here is the backstory to this explosion of Glory yesterday. At the beginning of this year, the Lord impressed on me the importance of pursuing Him. To develop, rekindle, ignite a hunger for Him.

Martha and I have been taking time to pursue Him we have gone to local conference’s, gone on Tres Dias weekends, and I went to Toronto for Light the Fire Again Conference #LTFA18 last week. This year we have seen very steady and pronounced increase in unity and power of God among us. The Love of God has been revealed more and more this year.

The Lord desires His people to hunger and thirst for more of Him. So we have been pushing and pursuing more of Him this year. I saw a notice the Claudio Freidzon would be in the US. I checked out the event and realized I could not make it. So I checked Claudio’s itinerary and found he would be in Toronto in April.

The conference Claudio would be at caught my eye because it was at Atwell Center in Toronto the home of the Toronto Blessing. I became excited about the conference as I read the list speakers and I felt Holy Spirit was drawing me there. Light the Fire Again #LTFA18 sounded great to me. I felt the Lord whisper if you want more if you want to rekindle the fire of God, go!

So I made arrangements and registered Lynn(our assistant pastor) and myself in February not realizing the conference was almost sold. I waited with expectation for April 25th to arrive. But before #LTFA18 the Lord was preparing the soil of my heart.  I went to my Tres Dias weekend and experienced the Love of God in a powerful way. The Father confirmed His love for me in many ways. The verse the Lord gave me going into that weekend was Ephesians 3:17 …being rooted and established in love.  Then the local Catch the Fire conference came and I invited all of our leaders to attend. Several went and they were touched by God. I went and again the love of God was growing in me and becoming more real to me. We had a powerful Men’s meeting where Eli a friend of mine shared his extraordinary testimony and God’s never-ending love was on display again. Finally, April 25th arrived and I flew to Toronto for the first day of the conference.

The morning of the 25th a word just kept rolling around inside me. I finally realized it must be from the Lord and I need to see what the word ‘extruder‘ actually meant. It meant a machine used to force or press out; to form by forcing through a die. I realized I was going to be reformed, reshaped by God forcefully while in Toronto. I said, “yes, Lord. Form me, shape me, make me”.  I also read that some extruders will heat plastic pellets and then force them into the die to create new shapes. So God was preparing me further for what He had in store for me and that His fire would be part of my conference experience.

The first evening the lines were long and I was able to get favor with the event staff as they let me in quickly and I found a great seat that a couple had saved for some reason even though they did not need it. I spoke with them and shared about the Toronto Blessing while we waited for the conference to begin.

Lindel Cooley lead worship with his wife and son, it was upbeat and the presence of God was getting thick. John Kilpatrick was the speaker and spoke on the Mystery of the Glory. The Glory would be a common theme during the conference. As he described the Glory of God I could feel the weighty presence of God in the room. The heat began to build, during the sermon. I felt saturated covered in the Glory and like it was oozing into my head. I had a strange numb tingling sensation in my head and my hands began to burn. I knew Holy Spirit was a work reforming me. I was receiving an impartation a soaking in the Glory.

Day two arrived and Lynn flew in during the night. We headed over for the morning session about an hour early but lines were already over a block long. We waited and ended up with seats in the same area where Martha and I sat the first time we went to Toronto in the 90’s. The night before Lindel Cooley pointed to the same area where we sat and said is where he first had an encounter with God in Toronto. I felt we were being set up by God for more.

The worship was lead by Don Potter and the presence of God continued to grow. Lou Engle spoke about John the Baptist and how we must decrease so Jesus can increase. He said this is the season of Jesus the Evangelist. A Jesus People time where evangelism will be easy again. Billy Graham’s anointing was distributed across the body of Christ.

After our lunch break, Don Potter lead worship again and then Rick Joiner spoke and he shared many things but spoke of the coming Glory being released. One thing he shared is we need to recognize our time of visitation. He used the road to Emaus story to show we may not recognize Jesus even though our hearts burn within us. He may come in another form or way but we must be expecting and watching. He said there are two thieves of the glory, yesterday and tomorrow. The mindset that we were touched in the past, been there done that and the other mindset is its coming in the future. But we need to realize what God is doing now.

After our dinner break, we went to the back of the line to get in for the evening session and we sat even further back. in line even further back this time. Jeremy Sinnot lead worship and it was very powerful. It was good to hear Jeremy lead worship again have not heard him person since the 90’s.  John Arnott was the speaker and spoke about the Kingdom of God. How the kingdom is present, near and at hand. He said the key revelation he received from Claudio Freadzon was, ‘if you want it then take it’. The presence of God was getting thick and heavy. The fire of God was falling again. It was uncomfortable for me to remain seated. I was burning up.

#LTFA18 decide to divide the attendees up into three groups to receive prayer from the leaders. Lynn and I were part of the first 1000. That was significant since Lynn would receive a call the next morning to be at work Saturday morning. At the end of the session, they had us clear the chairs out of the way in the back where we were sitting and stand on a line. We stood for while waiting not knowing who would come and pray. We saw people receiving prayer from Daniel Kalenda a couple of rows ahead of us. So we waited then I began to hear people falling to the floor to my left and I leaned forward to see John and Carol coming down our line like they have faithfully done for all these years. What blessing they prayed form me I went down and was in full on crunch mode for a while. I felt Lynn fall beside me. We soaked in the Glory for a while before getting up. The presence was still thick and I felt a little drunk and still burning. But we loaded up and headed out to the hotel.

The next morning Jeremy Sinnott lead worship again and it was great. The fire and weightiness of the Glory increased. Randy Clark had the morning session and spoke about impartation. He shared his story and how he was touched by God prior to the Toronto Blessing God used him to release. One story in particular he shared was how when he was going through a dry spell, he passed a little old black woman outside a grocery store handing out tracks. He said you can tell from looking at her she was poor. God told him to stop and ask for prayer. So Randy knelt down and asked the little old lady to pray for him. The prayer began a rekindling and broke the dry patch he was in. He humbled himself. Humility draws Holy Spirit.

During the sermon, I could feel my hands begin to burn and it felt like fire what falling on my head. During ministry time Randy prayed for impartation and I saw a vision. It was a scene with a large zipper in the sky and zipper was pulled back and water began to spill over from above and also what looked like stuff you would see at a beach, umbrella’s, ice chests, folding chairs, towels etc. It was all flowing down from above on us. What I got from this is we go to the beach to relax and we want hot sunny days so we can feel the refreshing of the waves on the beach. God was bringing that rest the refreshing that heat you feel under the sun on the beach to us. More Lord!

Lynn had to get ready to head back to Fort Worth. So he went to airport. I later got a text from him that God had healed his knee. Randy had asked us to reach up and take the Glory and apply it to where we need it. Praise God!

The afternoon session we had a worship roundtable discussion with Don Potter, Jeremy Sinnott, Lindel Cooley and Roy Fields. It was inspiring and I heard more stories of revival from the worship leaders perspective.

Now it was time for the Afternoon session Lindel Cooley lead worship and then Claudio Freidzon preached the afternoon session. Fuego, fuego, fuego. He preached on the Fire of God and impartation. Receive the Fire from this convergence of streams. God wants to send this Glory fire out to the nations. He prayed for different groups he called forward. The fire of God continued to increase. Then he called for all senior pastors to come forward I knew this was my time and I got up to move to front of the auditorium. It seemed about a third of people there were senior pastors. It was packed I was about 3 people from the stage seeking the fire of God. He prayed over us and imparted the fire of God. He told us to reach up our hands and take it. I reached up and was reaching with all within me to receive the fire of God and get all God had for me. At one point as Claudio was walking back and forth on the stage praying for us. I looked up there and our eyes met and he was saying to me take it, take it, take it. Then moved on to keep praying for us.

Next while we were up there Lindel encouraged us to sing int he Spirit and the place began to be filled with singing in tongues and in different languages form the people there. It was a holy moment for sure. It lasted for some time. The lead form CFAN came up to take a mic to dismiss us for the next a dinner break but he was over come by the Spirit and went down when Claudio prayed for him. Claudio encouraged Lindel to keep going. So we worshipped longer than with about 45 minutes left before the final session they did announce that it was time for us to go to make room for the evening service. Wow, what an electrifying experience. I was really feeling a little drunk on overwhelmed by God.

When I got outside the line was around the block again so I just sat down and began looking over my notes and contemplating all that had happened. Finally, everyone was let back in and I joyfully walked to the back of the auditorium filled and overflowing with joy. As I sat there waiting for the session to start an usher came up and asked if I was alone. I said yes, so they said do you want to sit closer to the front I said sure so they took me down to the middle front section. Thank you Lord.

Lindel Cooley lead worship and Daniel Kalenda preached the evening service. He spoke about the Glory of God and yielding to God. He shared some awesome stories from crusades in Africa to stir our faith. The presence was strong and it was a great evening. I stayed to soak and worship while people received an impartation from the leaders.

During the conference, I felt the Lord impressing on me that on Sunday to call up the younger folks at the church for prayer and impartation. I felt the Lord was impressing upon me that I am the message. That I would carry the Glory. I was expectantly awaiting the Sunday service.

During prayer in the soaking room before service, I felt the fire of God come. I felt the heat and my hands began to burn. I went to the front of the church to await the service and the fire was there. Martha standing up front after coming out of the soaking waiting for the service began to get extremely hot and asked the ushers to turn the air conditioners down to make it colder. It didn’t help we were being touched by the fire of God.

The service went well. Lynn at one point in worship encouraged people to press in. Then we shared about the trip and what God put in us there. Then we called up the folks I felt we should pray for first the younger folks. When Lynn and I did pray for them they were dramatically touched by God. We prayed for everyone who wanted prayer and God worked powerfully.  Many said they have never experienced anything like it their life even though they had a Pentecostal background, even though they have been in many prayer lines before. The Glory of God came upon us. The Fire of God was present. We have received and impartation. More Lord!

Light The Fire Again Lord!     #LTFA18

The trip home was another story of God’s grace and Glory.