Keys To Victory

    At the small group last week, we had a great time of prayer. We lifted up one another’s burdens and stood with each other in our struggles. All the while I was seeing the need to share some keys from recent sermons and things the Lord is showing me and others. These keys, are keys to victory. We have been called to be more than conquerors in Christ.

Key #1 – Prayer – like Jehosaphat when you feel surrounded and outnumbered by the enemy PRAY. When you feel the enemy pressing in on all sides PRAY. When you feel alone against your foe PRAY. Prayer is key number one. Pray shows our dependence and trust in God. Ask God what to do, what to say and how to pray?

Key # 2 – Obedience – like Jehosaphat take the answer God gives you and obey. Trust in God and in the word of God and do what you hear God say, or sense God wants you to do. Obedience shows we value what God says to us. If you pray and ask for help and all of a sudden a scripture verse comes alive to you or you sense a thing to do then do it. If you believe God answered your prayer then value Him and do as he asks.

Key #3 – Worship and Praise – Jehosaphat put praisers before his army as we went out to meet the enemy. We should follow his example as we pray and obey we will need to move forward as you do praise and worship is the key. If you feel stuck and need to move, praise and worship is the key. Praise the Lord until the Spirit of worship comes then worship until the Glory comes. In the Glory we have rest. Create an atmosphere of praise and worship around you by constantly playing worship music. I know it sounds fanatical but praise changes the atmosphere. I encourage you to try it!

Key #4 – Compassion – Nehemiah was moved with compassion so he prayed and fasted(another key) and God used him to rebuild a nation. We must have compassion for the broken wounded and lost. Ask God for a tender heart. One that is quick to be touched and moved on by Holy Spirit. Compassion shows you are not just self-centered but shows you have concern and care for others. If you feel your life is a mess serve others needs with love and see your life change for the good.

Key #5 – Fasting – Nehemiah fasted and prayed and God opened doors of opportunity for and propelled him forward into his destiny. Fasting is a powerful key. There are many different types of fasts and lengths of fats. Jehosaphat called a fast that seemed to be a short duraiton.but was for all the people of Jerusalem and Judah. Sometimes we need to fast to get the breakthrough we are seeking. Sometimes just fasting a meal a day can be enough to turn the tide in your favor.  Sometimes fasting news or Facebook for a while can have a profound effect on our hearts. Ask the Lord if he wants you to fast. If you don’t experience God now declare a fast and ask for God to refresh you.

Key #6 – Armor Up – Nehemiah while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and restoring the gates had the people work while being prepared for an attack from the enemy. They had their swords on. They were alert. In Ephesians 6 the Apostle Paul describes the armor of the believer. I personally try to remember to acknowledge the armor of God daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. This year the Lord has reminded me and called me to pursue Him and be ready for battle. While I rebuild the walls and gates of my soul, I am ready to battle the enemy. I will not be lured to the plains of Ono. Don’t let the enemy get you to go down to the plains of Ono. Be prepared and armored up. I thank God for the armor as often as I think of it. The Sword is the word of God. When the enemy came to tempt Jesus, what did Jesus do? He responded with the word of God. He used the sword of the Spirit against the temptations of the enemy.

Key #7 – Stay in the River – Both men stayed close to God they did not presume to go it alone. They sought the Lord they were intimate with the Lord. The allowed Holy Spirit to lead them and to mold them. The River of God is a place of refreshing, a place of delights, a place of joy. If the enemy can steal your joy, can get you to look back, come down out of the secret place and wage war as mere humans, then he can gain the victory over us. But remember our God has declared we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.  Learn to pause and soak in the presence, soak in the river whenever you get a chance and make time to do it.

We must learn to fight the good fight of faith. These keys can help us in our fight. There are many more keys in the Bible but these are a few from our lessons the past few Sundays.

Some of you are experiencing harassment from the enemy. Arm yourself and fight back. Don’t just sit there and allow him to steamroll you. Stand up and resist. We have taken new territory in the spirit now let’s fight to keep it. James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  These keys are ways we submit ourselves to God. Therefore we know the enemy must flee when we apply these keys to our fight of faith.

Come Holy Spirit.we want More!