Prophetic Words for Such a Time as This

Prophetic Words for Such a Time as This

2019 has started with an explosion of Holy Spirit power.

Year of Thunder – At the end of December leading into 2019 my wife and I and two other couple went to seek the Lord for the coming year. I had a spiritual experience where I was lifted up to a place in the Spirit. It seemed in that moment all of creation was paused waiting to hear something. It was like everyone was straining to hear what would come. Then Thunder came from the mountain of the Lord. I felt this year 2019 is the Year of Thunder. Job 37 and Psalm 29 are the verses that came to me as I thought about the Thunder. The Lord’s voice will roll like thunder and release power to accomplish that which He speaks to and through us.

Evangelist Encounter – Then in January I went to India on a business trip and one night while there I had a spiritual encounter in a dream. In the dream, I was walking up a large boulevard. It was lined with houses on each side of the street. There were sidewalks on both sides and tree between the side walk and street. People mostly young people were lined up on the sides of the street. At the top of the hill of the street. I saw Steve Hill preaching. I walk toward him. As I got close he motioned for me to go to the right side of him and stand with the others. I did and then I fell to my face and began to intercede and cry with travail. As I did I began to feel people fall on me. I then heard Steve Hill walking down the street as he spoke. As he passed each person they feel out under the power of the Spirit. When he reached the end of the block and turned right to go up the next street. I went to talk to him and thank him for what he did and meant to the body of Christ. I caught up to him and shook his hand and thanked him. I told him how my wife I took a singles group from Dallas to Pensecola for the revival. As we walked up the next street I noticed my right hand began to burn with Holy Spirit fire as we walked. When we got the crest of the hill he disappeared, he was taken up. Then I heard a lot of people or a roaring over the hill and I woke up.

When I woke I knew God was anointing and releasing evangelists with a fiery anointing to preach the word with power that would bring freedom and healing for those who turn to Jesus. My hand continued to burn when I woke up. Then I noticed after a few minutes my left hand also began to burn. Then I realized this was not just a dream it was a prophetic encounter to remember. So I got up and wrote it down. Weeks later when I think about and talk about the dream my hands begin to burn. I remembered Lou Engle in Toronto last year praying that Jesus the Evangelist would be released.

Matt Sorger – A Time of Accelerated Breakthrough and a Season of Suddenlies

2019 is going to be a time of accelerated breakthrough! I decree over you, today, that there is going to be breakthrough upon breakthrough upon breakthrough, in Jesus’ name. It will be a time of acceleration. Things are going to move faster and faster.

Get ready for God to move suddenly! This is going to be a season of many suddenlies. Suddenly healing will be upon you. Suddenly your breakthrough will happen. Suddenly that financial provision and miracle will come through. Suddenly a new door will open for you. Suddenly a divine connection will take place (Mal. 3:1, Acts 2:2, Acts 16:26).

A Repositioning and a Reseting

God is repositioning people for the next season. Don’t be surprised by the transitions and changes that happen or have happened recently in your life. God is positioning people in the right place, at the right time, for His divine plan to unfold in your life.

God is hitting the reset button in your life. He is resetting your spirit, soul and body. He is resetting your relationship with Him. He is resetting your emotions, and He is resetting your physical body and health.

The Holy Spirit’s Incubator and an Invitation to the Secret Place

Many are in an incubator of the Holy Spirit. God is wanting to birth some new things through you. An incubator is a place where something new can grow and develop properly. God is going to birth new vision, new anointing and new faith inside of you.

There is an invitation going out from God for us to enter the secret place. God is inviting us into His presence in a fresh way. There is a preparation taking place for the new season. Time in His presence will be crucial for the preparation to happen in us. God doesn’t want to just bring us into the new. He wants us to be able to sustain and steward what He gives us. As you wait in His presence, He is going to prepare you for what’s ahead in your life (Matt. 6:6).

A New Baptism of Fire is Coming

This will also be a time of deep consecration and refinement in the fire of God. God is calling His children to holiness and to be set apart. I see a new baptism of fire coming. It is going to burn away everything that has tried to hinder you. There will be a fire on the altar of prayer. God is going to make you like a walking flame of fire. You are going to exude the fragrance of His presence everywhere you go (Isa. 4:4-5).

God is cutting away every sin and every unnecessary weight from His people that has tried to hold them back and hinder them from running the appointed course set before them. You are not just going to walk in this year, you are going to run in it, free and unhindered. Unnecessary weights, include anything you are carrying that God has not called you to carry—every burden, worry, fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, offense, pain or sickness—it’s all coming off of you in Jesus’ name (Heb. 12:1-2)!

A New Move of Evangelism for a New Level of Harvest

I see a new move of intercession coming for the end-time harvest. God is going to give His people such a love for the lost. We are going to be homesick for them, just as God is. A new move of evangelism will be released. Evangelists will emerge and be activated to a new level of harvest. The prayer movements and evangelism movements will merge (see Lk. 15:20 about prodigals coming home).

Walking in New Levels of Divine Love, Forgiveness, Authority and Overflow

It will be so important that you know how to steward your soul in this season so that you escape the snare of offense. You are going to know how to steward your pain properly so that you are not infected by bitterness, resentment or anger. You are going to walk in a new level of divine love and forgiveness. Your heart will be clear from all offense. As a result you will receive inherited blessings (1 Pet. 3:9).

God is transforming your threshing floor into a place of harvest. Your place of greatest pain will become your place of greatest power and authority (Joel 2:24). It’s going to be a season of great overflow. God is going to overflow you with His presence, love and goodness (Joel 2:24).

People are really going to embrace their place in the Body of Christ. God is breaking false comparison off of people and showing them the true depth of their value, anointing and gifting. It’s time to radically invest into others what God has invested into us (1 Pet. 4:10)

Restoration of All That Was Lost or Stolen

God is going to bring great restoration in people’s lives. He is going to restore everything that was lost. What the enemy has stolen, he is going to have to return sevenfold (Prov. 6:31; Joel 2:25)!

The One Thing: Love

God is going to refine our motives down to one thing…Love. How do we love God and how do we love people? Eternity all comes down to these two things. We are going to live with a new eternal perspective. We will see how deeply our worship and love for God ministers joy to His heart. And we will see how important it is to God how we love people, including how we forgive them (Mrk. 12:30-31).

Family, family, family. Love God and love your family. God is really putting an emphasis on healthy family relationships. He desires families to be saturated with His love (Eph. 5:24-25; Eph. 6:1-4).

God is transforming barren fields into flourishing ones. He is going to bring streams in the desert and pools in the wilderness. He is also opening up wells of His glory. Our dwelling place will be between the altar and the well. The altar is the place of sacrifice, commitment and surrender. The well is the place of His living waters. It’s the place of God’s presence, worship and intimacy. We are going to dwell right between these two things (Gen. 26:1-25).

Matt Sorger
Matt Sorger Ministries