January 2020 Prophetic Word

January 2020 Prophetic Word

January 24, 2020
Last year I felt the Lord show me it was the year of thunder and this year I felt the Lord show me it is the year of fire. Nothing happens in isolation. In the Spirit the words of God that thundered through his people last year is causing fire to breakout this year. We will see fire of judgment, fire of revival and the fire of impartation(baptism of fire).

I see a lot of commotion in the Spirit. Lots of movement. Angels are flashing back and forth, like lightening, across the nation and beyond carrying the good news of Jesus. There is a rumble in the heavens a disruption in the status quo of the enemy.

A great awakening is taking place. There are pockets of Holy Spirit fire around the nation and globe. Some fires are small almost hidden, others are reaching a breaking out point, a tipping point. Streams are flowing together and cross pollinating.

This year the fire of God will spread as the Holy Spirit wind blows upon the fires it will spread. The body of Christ will begin to move in its authority without the past excesses. Miracles, signs and wonders. Deliverances, healings and salvations.

Get ready church to speak a word of encouragement and pray for those who are hurting and you will see the kingdom of God break in and heaven on earth. Get ready church to step into your destiny. Record the dreams, write the vision. Pray and fast and step into God.