Lent Engaging Risk

A Gospel Of Risk | Engaging Risk (Lent) is meant to be a launch pad for this season to be one of taking risks with Jesus and seeing His Kingdom come in our lives, families, and communities.

This guide through Lent has been created to help you join in for 40 straight days with daily themes, scriptures, and prayer/response prompts. Print the guides and hand them out at your Lent service and/or each Sunday during the Lenten season.

Click here to download the Vineyard Daily Lent prayer starters: VDM-Lent-Engaging-Risk

Spanish version: Un-Llamado-Al-Riesgo-40-Days-Risk-Lent

Special 40 Days Email List

Join this special email list for encouragement through the 40 Days – in your inbox! Emails will begin on February 26th – the first day of Lent 2020.

Also here is a link to some materials for Lent Examine

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