Pray for Central Coast of California

Pray for Central Coast of California

I am asking for prayer for the Central California Coast. PRAY FOR CALIFORNIA - YouTube

May 7th in my morning prayer time I saw in a vision, the central California coast. I was seeing it from a birds eyes view like I was in a helicopter going up the coast. I felt I should pray for that area of California for protection.

Again later as my family and I prayed together for the National Day at Prayer, I prayed for protection for the central California coast.

Then again this am, May 8th as I was soaking after my morning walk and prayers, I saw the Central California Coast again. Then I saw the land ripple from inland moving southward toward and into the sea. The land moved like a blanket when it is flicked up and down quickly to spread it out.  Again I saw the earthquake seemed to roll from inland then flow toward the south to the sea and into the sea.

I do not believe this is “the big one”  but I believe it is another birth pain and wake up call for California and the church.

Pray for protection for the people of the central coast area of California and for the Lord to send a mighty revival there.

Pray for the earthquake to be averted. If it can not be averted pray that there would be minimal or no loss of life.

Pray for the physical damage to buildings and bridges to be minimal.

I believe the prayers of the saints to be powerful and effective. I do not post this to be a doom and gloom person but to warn and call for prayer. My prayer is nothing happens.